About Kidesiivous

Kidesiivous was founded when my own home cleaner Apple asked me to be her boss. I had seen how good work she does ambitiously and happily. I was surprised but enthusiastic and I knew that I wanted to be an employer with high responsibility. Later I got to know Jovelita, Riza and Melody. We all have respect for our own work.

Kidesiivous offers premium quality home cleaning in Helsinki Metropolitan Area.

At Kidesiivous we promise our customers quality, reliability and responsibility.

Kirsi Kupila
Managing Director,



Customer needs

You are the one that knows your home best. The quality of our work is based on listening to you as our customer and tailoring our services upon your needs.


Our worker’s are experienced home cleaners; they have cleaned Finnish households more than 16 years. We keep our promises also concerning the schedules, your own cleaner cleans your home as and when promised.

Proud of our work

We are proud of our work and you will see the results of that when your own cleaner have cleaned your home. We clean your home as it was our own home.


You can trust in that we do our work responsibly according to the written service instruction tailored to you and the Finnish laws and acts.

Reference Aulikki Lyyränen

Aulikki Lyyränen, Member of American Womens Club, warmly recommends Kidesiivous.

Services and Prices

Kidesiivous operates in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, in Finnish and in English.

Regular maintenance cleaning

Price per hour: Mon to Wed 41 € /h, Thu & Fri 43 € /h.
Regular weekly, biweekly or monthly cleaning, minimum 3 hours.
Cleaning with customers cleaning equipment & detergents.
Price includes VAT 24 %, and is based on customized contract with our clients.
Costs (40 %) are deductible in Finnish income taxation (https://www.vero.fi/en/individuals/tax-cards-and-tax-returns/income-and-deductions/Tax-credit-for-household-expenses).

Contact Us

Kide Cleaning Ltd

+358 400 453 604

Sinikalliontie 4, 02630 Espoo